What are oil clothes

An oilcloth is a cloth that is bonded and supported with a back liner of polyester or cotton mesh. What makes oilcloths so popular is that the surface can be wiped clean. The price range of oilcloth fabric can differ from one retailer to an other but overal similar pices fabrics can be found in most retail stores.

The Benefits of Oilcloths

It is important to note that oilcloths are waterproof and stain resistant. They also come in many colorful and unique designs. Many oilcloths are mainly use as covers for tables because they come in all sorts of colors and designs and work well for everyday use. Some may not know it but oilcloths and table-cloths are often used in shelf coverings, placemats, grill covers, aprons, kitchen crafts, linings for drawers, laundry bags and floor coverings.

How are Oilcloths sold?

Oilcloths are sold in rolls, where they can then be custom fit to your special needs or they can be purchased as bags, aprons, grill covers and kitchen utensils. Because oilcloths are water and stain resistant, they can be used in so many ways.

Other Benefits of Oilcloths

Most importantly, oilcloths are easy to clean, only a damp cloth and soap are needed to keep them looking good. They are practically wrinkle-free, as long as they as properly folded and stored away. They are also resistant to bacteria because they have a clean and smooth surface. They are also long-lasting and repellent to all kinds of stains.

What are the Disadvantages of Oilcloths?

One of the main disadvantages of oilcloths is that the product is made of PVC. PVC is a plastic that will not degrade and this is a negative for the environment. On the other hand, oilcloths last up to 10 years and that avoids a great deal of using oil, water and trees.

Common Uses of Oilcloths

To be clear, oilcloths are basically used as table-cloths for personal use and for restaurants. They are also used for car coverings, canopies, tote bags, kitchen crafts, book coverings, shelve coverings, furniture coverings and car coverings. Most importantly, they are economical and highly useful.

Where can Oilcloths be Purchased?

Oilcloths can be purchased at most retail stores or home improvement stores. In most stores there are a variety of oilcloth products to choose from and at prices that are affordable.

Oilcloth Shapes and Patterns

When it comes to an oilcloth table-cloths, there are many sizes, shapes and patterns to choose from. For example the round oilcloth and the oilcloth table-cloth rectangle can be used for round and rectangular tables. There are bright patterns that can spruce up a kitchen or other colors and patterns to select such as pink prints for Valentine's Day and more subdued colors when looking for a more subdued look while eating and cooking. This product is thicker than those traditional table-cloths.

To conclude, oilcloths have many uses, sizes and shapes as well as benefits that add color and ambiance to your home or office. Besides being economical and highly useful, they will not fray easily, don't easily tear and are almost maintenance free. With the many sizes, shapes, color and benefits, it seems a shame not to check them out.

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